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"Alive & Aloft in the Aeolian Zone" by Gary Raham
Alive & Aloft in the Aeolian Zone, winner of the 2014 Colorado Author’s League Award for Feature Articles & Essays.

Reviewer's comments: "A well-researched and interesting article about the effect that microscopic particles and organisms have on our planet’s weather and climate. And it was written at a level that was just right for the lay public—not too simple and not too complex."

The Rovers Have Landed, 2005 Colorado Author's League winner for Young Adult/Children's nonfiction article.

Reviewer's comments: "Raham has purposefully included only the most essential elements of a sometimes complex subject to feed the curiosity of young readers without overwhelming them intellectually. It's not always an easy balance to master, but Raham has done so beautifully."

Gary has written award-winning natural history books, magazine articles, video scripts, and science fiction stories. He served as Co-regional Advisor for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) from 2000-2003.

Gary has contributed to Highlights for Children, Cricket, Read, and Discovery Channel Books, among other children's markets. His book, The Deep Time Diaries (Fulcrum, 2000) is used by several middle schools to teach both Earth science and creative writing. Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction (Teacher Ideas Press, 2004) provides teachers with techniques for punching students' "wonder" buttons using the literature of science fiction in theclassroom.

The North Forty News and Colorado Gardener magazine regularly publish Gary's nature articles that explore, with both humor and insight, the impact of science on our daily lives.

My Dad is My Hero, an anthology by Gary RahamMy Mom is My Hero, an anthology by Gary Raham

Two of Gary’s essays were anthologized in 2009 in the books, My Mom is My Hero and My Dad is My Hero, published by Adams Media.

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