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Science Workbooks Were Never So Much Fun!

This new “Science Tutor” series, written by Colorado author Gary Raham, covers the basics in Life Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Two “Jumpstarters” titles, Science Short Daily Warm-ups and Life Science Short Daily Warm-ups, provide brief science activities and problems to jump-start students’ imaginations.

Short “Absorb” sections present basic concepts with clarity and humor. Key terms stand out in bold face text. Students apply their understanding by solving problems and answering short questions. (Answer keys allow students to work independently.)

Content follows Colorado Science Standards and thus serves to outline or summarize middle school science topics for educators. The series is a great resource for busy science teachers and home-schooling parents.

Click on any workbook cover to see what's inside.

Science Tutor: Chemistry, Grades 7+
Chemistry Workbook by Gary Raham
2005 ISBN: 1-58037-298-8
Science Tutor: Life Science, Grades 6+
Life Science Workbook by Gary Raham
2005. ISBN: 1-58037-307-0
Jumpstarters for Science, Grades 4-8+
Jumpstarters for Science by Gary Raham
2005. ISBN: 1-58037-296-1
Science Tutor: Physical Science, Grades 6+
Physical Science Workbook by Gary Raham
2006. ISBN: 1-58037-331-3
Science Tutor: Earth and Space Science, Grades 6+
Earth and Space Science Workbook by Gary Raham
2006. ISBN: 1-58037-332-1
Jumpstarters for Life Science, Grades 4-8+
Jumpstarters for Life Science by Gary Raham
2008. ISBN: 978-1-58037-451-4

Softbound, 8.5” X 11”, 48 pages
$6.99 each or buy the entire set for $36 (plus shipping) from the author.
(Also available from the publisher, Mark Twain Media/Carson-Dellosa)


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