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Gary is currently working on collecting many of the articles he has written for the North Forty News (, Colorado Gardener magazine (, and other publications to publish under the title Confessions of a Time Traveler. A full-page illustration accompanies each article along with a brief introduction describing the original motivation to publish the piece. Someday he may take his act on the road and confess in public to his ruminations on natural history & evolution.

Gary is also looking for a publisher for Giving Vision to Science: Ten Artist-Scientists Who Opened Windows to New Worlds. He will feature the life and work of ten extraordinary individuals gifted as both artists and scientists including Leonardo Da Vinci, Maria Sibylla Merian, Robert Hooke, John James Audubon, Ernst Haeckel, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Charles R. Knight, Margaret Mathew & Edwin H. Colbert, Chesley Bonestell, and Frank H. Netter, M.D. He plans to aim the text at a middle school market, but expects that many practicing artists and scientists will also find inspiration in the stories.

Escape From Deep Time, Gary’s sequel to The Deep Time Diaries, still calls to him from the desk drawer. He hopes to resurrect it to continue the saga of Neesha and Jon Olifee and their descendants.

Look for Gary’s continuing contributions to the North Forty News and Colorado Gardener magazine. He also still serves as Assistant Editor for Trilobite Tales, the newsletter of the Western Interior Paleontological Society, by writing pieces for “Kid’s Quarry.”



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Call: 970.568.3557