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Biostration’s mission includes:

     • Interpreting science through words and images to provide clarity and excitement about the scientific process of discovery

     • Disseminating knowledge that will help make us all effective stewards of life on Earth

     • Demonstrating that an appreciation of both art and science maximizes the human experience

     • Creating images and designs that clarify the missions and style of other businesses and enterprises

Services provided include:

(Click on links for more information about Gary's work in each area.)

     •Creative writing for education, commerce, and enjoyment

     • Presentations for schools, businesses, and groups interested in nature and science

     • Teacher workshops

     • Natural science and other illustrations for educational interpretations, museums and other institutions, and personal enjoyment

     • Graphic design, including corporate identities, brochures, posters, books, and stationery

     • Natural science photography

     • Cover design for books, e-books, and preparation for e-book and/or print publication


Fees will vary depending on the nature of individual projects, but in general:

     • School visits or teacher workshops: $600/day plus travel expenses

     • Graphic design services: $80/hour

     • Writing services: either flat fee or royalty by contract

     • Speaking fees: $100/hour plus travel expenses

     • Call or write for estimates


Contact Gary:

Call: 970.568.3557