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Gary Raham - writer, illustrator, teacherGary can show you how to use his book, The Deep Time Diaries, to create an interdisciplinary unit in Earth science and creative writing that will bring science alive for your students.

Use Explorations in Backyard Biology to introduce students to nature journaling. The book contains exciting short features for kids, information in depth for the teacher, and fun journaling exercises for everyone.

Gary can show you many ways to incorporate science fiction to stimulate interest in science and connect science to literature, math, and history in the classroom. His book, Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction, provides a great practical tool for the busy teacher.

The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore, a 32 page graphic story about the last days of the dinosaursprovides an opportunity to focus on the artist’s contribution to science—especially in recreating lost worlds of the deep past. Ask about Making science come to life: How natural science illustrators interpret and contribute to scientific discovery.

Gary can also share with students his experience as a writer, illustrator, and biologist, and help them to realize their dreams for careers in the arts and sciences.

You and your students learn and have fun at the same time while.. 
  • Nature journaling 
  • Time traveling with a paleontologist 
  • Visiting with a professional author and illustrator 
  • Exploring the small wonders of our “buggy” planet
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Contact Gary:

Call: 970.568.3557