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Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction: Available from

Punch students’ “wonder buttons” with mind-stretching fiction!

Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction
Written and illustrated by Gary Raham

The literature of science fiction packs up the facts and discoveries of science and runs off to futures filled with both wonders and warnings. Kids love to take the journeys it offers for the thrill of the ride, but they can learn as they travel, too.

This book will provide you with:

  • An overview of the past 500 years of scientific thought and the literature of science fiction that it inspired.
  • Suggestions for finding and adapting the kind of science fiction that will work best for your classroom.
  • Detailed ideas and resources for teaching concepts in the physical, earth, space, and life sciences as well as in history and mathematics.
  • Suggested activities for a variety of grade levels.
  • References to the national science content standards.
  • Detailed lesson plans for an earth science unit where students explore the depths of time and create their own time travelers’ diaries. (See The Deep Time Diaries.)

Published by Teacher Ideas Press for Grades 5-10. Available from

Contact Gary about presenting teaching clinics for using popular science fiction in the classroom.


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