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Explorations in Backyard Biology: Available on

Explorations in Backyard Biology,
Drawing on Nature in the Classroom, Grades 4-6

Written and illustrated by Gary Raham

Students will discover a world of learning in their own backyards with this resource. Exciting classroom and field activities offer the opportunity for hands-on exploration of life science and other subjects across the curriculum. Using drawing and writing skills, they record their observations and experiences in a naturalist’s notebook, which leads to further learning discoveries.

Focusing on four areas of natural history—size and scale, predator-prey relationships, animal communications, and ecology—these activities can be integrated with other curricula, supplement the science program, or be used as spring-boards for science projects. By combining the process of drawing with the study of science, this book offers a fun approach to a sometimes challenging subject area.

Honorable Mention for the Learning Teachers’ Choice Award, 1996

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"By emphasizing the process of drawing and combining it with study of an area that some students may think difficult, this book offers a fun and user-friendly approach to science." -- Gifted Child Today Magazine, Vol. 19 No. 5, Sept/Oct 1996

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