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Good stories can teach while they entertain. In The Deep Time Diaries, young readers identify with the love and sibling rivalry of Jon and Neesha Olifee as they struggle to survive an unexpected journey 800 million years into the past and return to their familiar world in the 22nd century.

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Master teacher Vicky Jordan recognized the teaching potential of this science fiction tale, both for students in her middle school science class and those learning how to be creative writers.

"Science Scope," April/May 2006

Collaborating with Gary and using his other title, Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction, she created curriculum that lead to an article in the April/May 2006 issue of "Science Scope," the middle school journal of the National Science Teachers’ Association.

Gary and Vicky also presented results of six years of school visits at various NSTA conferences including one in Denver in 2007 where they shared some of their materials and insights.

Gary may provide just the spark you need in the classroom.

"Gary is a master scientist as well as an accomplished author and illustrator, and he always prepares his lessons taking into account my needs as a teacher to teach standards and content while at the same time bringing a 'real-world' perspective to the lesson."—Victoria Jordan, Science Department Chair, Wellington Junior High, Wellington, CO

"Gary was warm, easy to work with, and cares a great deal about his subject area. After the session they clustered around him to squeeze in just a few more eager questions."—Jude Blum, Librarian/Technology Coordinator, Logan School for Creative Learning, Denver, CO


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