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Gary Raham - natural science writer, illustrator, graphic designer, and amateur paleontologistGary Raham grew up in Michigan, fascinated by bugs, animals, fossils, space travel, and cowboys. He loved science, but also spent a lot of time drawing cowboy hats on capital letters and creating comic books about spacefarers and western heroes.

He earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in biology at the University of Michigan and took some post-graduate classwork at Colorado State University. Unsure about how to make a living studying the private lives of bugs, he decided to teach biology to middle and high school students in the small western town of Akron, Colorado. While there, he met a perky P.E. teacher, Sharon, and married her.

Frustrated by middle school attention spans and looking for a way to combine his interests in science and art, he went to work as a graphic artist at Citizen Printing Company in Fort Collins, CO, and learned a lot about layout, design, and illustrating for commercial markets. He also began writing science fact and science fiction. His first article, “The Lichen Liaison,” appeared in The American Biology Teacher in 1978. His first book, Dinosaurs in the Garden, appeared in 1988, and his first science fiction story, “Succession,” was published in 1992.

His third book contract for The Deep Time Diaries prompted him to leave Citizen Printing for the uncertainties of freelance writing and illustrating under the name Biostration. He concentrated mostly on non-fiction science writing for children. He served as the Regional Co-advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers from 2000-2003. Raham also continued to illustrate for biomedical and educational markets and write some fiction. He is currently the author of 17 books and well over a hundred articles for adults and children. Raham contributes articles and illustrations regularly to The North Forty News and ColoradoGary Raham - classroom presentation Gardener. He writes a Kid’s Quarry feature for Trilobite Tales, the newsletter of the Western Interior Paleontological Society.

Raham reinvaded the classroom as a speaker and now finds middle school students to be not only attentive, but excited audiences for what he has to say. He enjoys talking to adult audiences about his unique spin on nature, and volunteers as a Master Naturalist for the City of Fort Collins. One can often find him hunting fossils with members of the Western Interior Paleontological Society and playing tennis whenever possible.

Sharon, still perky, continues to put up with him, and they both enjoy two daughters, four grandchildren, and a pair of Bichons.

Raham can create an illustration that will send you back in time, tell an unforgettable tale, design award-winning book covers and corporate identities, or fire up children of all ages with the wonders of the natural world. Be sure to contact Gary for your presentation, design, or illustration needs.

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